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Invitation for 24th CIOE

Address:Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition C Date:2023/9/6-2023/9/8 Booth NO.: 11B28 Booth no.: 11th HALL 11B28 The 24th CIOE will be held

See you at VIETNAM ICTCOMM 2023

Address:Ho Chi Mine City, Vietnam Date:2023/6/8-2023/6/10 Booth NO.: Booth NO. N5,6 VIETNAM ICTCOMM 2023 is the most appealing professional communication exhibition


Address:Sao Paulo Brazil Date:2022/8/2-2022/8/4 Booth NO.: Netcom, the most professional communication exhibition in Central and South America, has successfully held

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Optical passive - PLC AWG wafer&chips

Equipped with a sophisticated passive wafer process platform and a strong research and development capacity, Shijia Photons has emerged as a leader in the field, introducing innovative PLC optical splitter chips and AWG chips after years of diligent work. We also offer an extensive selection of high-end passive components such as VOA, WDM, OSW, VMUX, WSS, coupled with smart optical modules...

Optical active lasers

Shijia Photons leads in the comprehensive fabrication of DFB laser chips, offering a versatile range spanning wavelengths from 1260nm to 1700nm. Our semiconductor laser lineup, featuring high-power, narrow-line-width, and low-noise variants, encompasses CWDM, DWDM, LWDM, SOA, RSOA, SLD, and is complemented by customizable packaging services for TOSA, BOX, and Butterfly configurations.


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Henan Shijia Photons Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Shijia Photons” or stock code: 688313), founded in the year 2010, is a leading entity within China’s optical communications sector, with its core business concentrated on three pivotal segments: optical passive chips, active lasers chips and devices, indoor fiber optic cables, and cable material solutions.

The company distinguishes itself through its unique dual chip platform expertise in both passive and active technologies, backed by formidable prowess in research and innovation for device and module development. In the span of over ten years, Shijia Photons has emerged as a preeminent global supplier of vital active and passive components and modules in the realms of optoelectronic communication and precision optical measurement and sensing.

Its extensive array of products sees widespread application across diverse sectors such as fiber-optic telecommunication networks, data center infrastructure, the construction and expansion of 4G/5G networks, backbone and metropolitan area networks, fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) deployments, LiDAR technology, and fiber optic sensing systems.

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